Infinite Possibilities

Sofantic is the space between what you know, and where you go – when you learn something new. When we set out to learn something, we step into the Sofantic. We struggle. We take risks. We sail. And, eventually, we reach the other side. Before entering the Sofantic and while crossing it, we don’t know what we will discover. The possibilities are infinite.

Teddy, a first-grade writer, created a map at school of how to leave his back yard, a place he knew quite well, and enter a fantasy world with dragons and talking animals. His map was a guide the stories he wrote (and planned to write), where he travelled with his pet pig Sophie across a vast body of water, much like to Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes Teddy and Sophie brought companions to join in the adventure across the Sofantic Ocean.

Crossing the Sofantic is like any true journey into the unknown, where we don’t know where the Nessy is, if we will face pirates, when the weather will change,¬†or how long we will get to ride the powerful current taking us in just the right direction.

It’s helpful to have a guide, as we move into the unknown, and sometimes more enjoyable to travel with a friend!

At Sofantic, we value the adventure and the journey. We offer consultation to assist learners of all ages, making their way across their own personal oceans, discovering infinite possibilities on the many shores to come.

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